Volcano Tour Eyjafjallajokull (E15) View After The Eruption

Luxury jeep off road tour every day to one of Iceland’s most scenic spots, it is only accessible by specially equipped vehicles with experienced drivers.

We do more than 30 unbridged river crossings when we drive close to the recently erupted volcano Eyjafjallajökull (E15) (AY-yah-fyad-la-ye kuh-tel). We go to the waterfall Seljalandsfoss that you can walk behind and step stones into the waterfall’s canyon Gljúfrabúi. We go to Gígjökull where the flood came in the eruption 2010.

Our destination is a natural paradise, a valley between two glaciers, named Þórsmörk (Thor’s Land) after the god of thunder “Thor” who struck the earth with lightning from his hammer. Þórsmörk keeps the breathtaking canyon Stakkholtsgjá that reminds of Lords of the Rings.

Duration 8 hours.

Pick up direct from hotels at 10:00.

Price 33.900 ISK/pp.