About Us - Family Company

The origins of the community of Grindavik can be traced back to Einar G. Einarsson, which set up shop there in 1897. During that time the town population was only around 360. Fishing has for centuries been a crucial element in the survival of Grindavik’s population. But fishing trips were often extremely dangerous. Men were frequently lost at sea and the catch wasn’t always stable. Today the tour operator “Volcano tours” has their office in Einar’s oldest shop house named “Flagghús” - “The flaghouse”

We’re only:

  • 15 minutes from the Icelandic international airport

  • 40 minutes from Reykjavik centre

  • 5 minutes from the famous Blue lagoon.

We’re people who enjoy nature and have been hiking for the last 10 years and are owners of the family company “Volcano tours”. We’re always ready to share some of our experience.

Manager: Erling Einarsson

Office: Guðbjörg Ásgeirsdottir

Driver/Guide: Hlynur Erlingsson ( Clint )

Driver/Guide: Áki Snær Erlingsson